TitleSocial History
RepositoryHarrow Museum Collection
DescriptionThe social history collection catagory includes any material directly relating to the people and places of Harrow. This includes any aspect of domestic and family life, personal life, community life and working life.

Objects under the Social History heading are catalogued according to the Social History and Industrial Classification (SHIC) tree of categories. Between all four categories, the system seeks to cover objects related to all aspects of human activity. Read more about the SHIC system here:

The four categories are as follows:
HMT/S/1 - Community Life
HMT/S/2 - Domestic and Family Life
HMT/S/3 - Personal Life
HMT/S/4 - Working Life

Some specific object types have been removed from the SHIC system as they represent important collections which can be browsed independently, such as material related to industry in Harrow. These other categories can be found by returning to the full hierarchy via clicking the hyperlinked Ref No above.

Social History

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